About Us

Technology is in our DNA

Our brand portfolio brings technologically advanced products and best-in-class solutions to you.


Making it easy, so you can make it happen.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Nortek Control has over 50 years of innovation, and is dedicated to addressing the lifestyle and business needs of millions of customers every day. Nortek Control is a global leader and solutions provider in the security, control, access, power/AV, health + wellness, and AI/analytics markets.


Technology is a crucial component behind every product we manufacture. We carry a number of patents and trademarks and are constantly on the forefront of design. From our advanced fall detection technology from Numera, to our sophisticated AI integrated with multiple products, we have established ourselves as a proven leader in the industry.


Innovation is a driving force and a guiding light for our company. We are proud to be recognized and awarded for our outstanding innovation throughout our company’s history. We have been the first in the industry to deliver groundbreaking products to our customers. We continue to raise the bar on every product we manufacture, giving you the best in tech, no matter your market.


Advanced analytics give us the added brain power to deliver insightful solutions to you. Through our IntelliVision brand we have integrated a layer of smart analytics in a variety of our products, from 2GIG, to ELAN to Linear — our products are backed with trusted intelligence. Equipped with facial recognition, enhanced surveillance, and more.