AL-1 Pull-Cord alert link

MikeLaurel | June 11, 2013
Technical Bulletins

AL-1 Pull-Cord alert linkSummary

The Model AL-1 is a wireless personal alert receiver designed for use with existing nurse call annunciation systems. Up to 32 wireless transmitters can be programmed to activate each receiver, so in common installations, the receiver may be mounted in a central location, within range of the wireless transmitters.

AL-1 Receiver Compatibility

AL-1 Alert Link Receivers shipped before June, 2013 may not correctly learn-in, and decode some DXS transmitter signals from close range, within four feet of the receiver. Test and operation procedures are provided with the product, and available in .pdf format as document 218387B (AL-1 Pull Cord Alert Link Installation Instructions).

Transmitter/Receiver systems POTENTIALLY affected

The DXS-62A, DXS-64 and DXS-LR series transmitters may be affected, as well as other DXS handheld transmitters intended for use with the AL-1.

If the site installation requires activation of the AL-1 receiver inside of a four foot range, and the product fails to operate as described in the installation instructions, contact Linear’s Returns department to find out if your product is eligible for in-warranty replacement. The receivers are covered under Linear’s standard warranty terms.

Transmitter/Receiver systems not affected

If the transmitters have been installed and tested per our Installation Instructions (see document 218387B, or below) and are used more than four feet from the AL-1 receiver, then this tech bulletin would be not applicable.

Installation Notes

Test and operation procedures provided in the AL-1 Installation Instructions include the procedures to add, or “learn-in” transmitters, and conduct a range test. To verify range, the procedure instructs the installer to “ACTIVATE EACH TRANSMITTER FROM VARIOUS LOCATIONS.” If the site installation requires activation of the AL-1 receiver inside of a four foot range, then the transmitter test needs to be performed at that close proximity to verify operation.

If the Linear DXS transmitters have been successfully learned-in, and tested as recommended in the AL-1 Instructions, the receiver will function properly, and this tech bulletin would be not applicable.

Additional Notes

In some instances, Linear may optionally allow equipment to be returned for an out-of-warranty repair charge. Contact Linear returns department if you would like a quotation to upgrade or replace older AL-1 receivers.

PDF: TB2013-002