Axnet Firmware Upgrade Released

MikeLaurel | June 13, 2008
Technical Bulletins

Axnet Firmware Upgrade ReleasedA new revision of the AXNET firmware, Version 1.3, has been released for the Model AM3Plus, AE1000Plus, and AE2000Plus access control and telephone entry systems.

To ensure panel interoperability in AXNET network installations, it is required that all units in the AXNET network are operating with the same version of firmware. If an access control unit is replaced with a newer unit, or if a new unit is added to an older system, the firmware versions may not match. In AXNET network installations with unmatched system firmware versions, the installer has two choices:

Option #1: Use the AXNET PC utility software to upgrade all the units on the network to the latest version of firmware. This is the preferred option since the newest firmware will have all of the latest system improvements.

Option #2: Use the AXNET PC utility software to downgrade units on the network to match the existing units.

NOTE: When using the AXNET PC utility software to poll a network installation, only controllers that are connected via an RS-485 cable connection will be polled. In order to poll controllers connected via modem, the PC will need to dial in to those controllers

PDF: TB2008-003