Conversion of AB 1.52 or 1.54 Legacy Products to AccessBase 2000 Plus Panels

MikeLaurel | November 19, 2009
Technical Bulletins

Conversion of AB 1.52 or 1.54 Legacy Products to AccessBase 2000 Plus PanelsBefore switching existing AE-1, AE-2, and AM-II Installation to Plus Panels:

  • Backup installation data on your PC
  • Print out System Report – This report gives you current installation

    information that may be needed later to set up panels

    • Click on AccessBase Icon
    • Select Reports
    • Pull down Various Reports
    • Select System Report
  • Print System Report

    Plus Panels Installation

  • Connect Plus panels in place of Legacy Panels
  • Be sure that all panels in your network are Plus Panels
  • Load AccessBase 2000 software on your PC
  • Database Conversion from AccessBase to AccessBase 2000
    1. AccessBase 2000 has a Convert Wizard to convert the old AB 1.5X database for use with the AcessBase 2000.
    2. In Windows XP, go to “Start” then “All Programs” and hover over “AccessBase 2000”. Click on convert Version 1.5X Installations.
    3. In Windows Vista go to “Start”. In “Start Search”, type “Convert” and click on “Convert Version 1.5X Installations”. As an alternative, you can navigate to the AccessDatabase 2000 folder and click on “Convert. exe”. The conversion will convert the Cardholders and Credentials (Media) into the format used by the new network.

    In AB, look at each individual node and write down any time zones, auto open times, door schedules and devices, including device numbers. Close AB before converting.

    After the conversion is complete, start AccessBase 2000 and open your installation. The connection information at the top of each network will have to be set up, just as you did in AB 1.5X. Connect with the network, and AccessBase 2000 will discover the nodes, and allow you to install them. This will need to be done for each active network in your installation.

    Enter the information into the new nodes, from the notes you made from your old installation. With this info entered, click on the program networks (up arrow) button and allow the network to be programmed.

    New Features in AccessBase 2000

    There are some changes in AccessBase 2000 that you will need to consider when comparing your old installation with the new installation created by the Convert Wizard.

    Individual Cards and Transmitters

    Individual cards and transmitters can be added (and assigned) individually instead of in block format.

    Furthermore, they can be conveniently added from the cardholders screen. This eliminates the need to toggle back and forth between this screen and the Credentials screen (formerly called the Media screen).

    NOTE:AccessBase 2000 supports up to 24 blocks for cards and transmitters. Therefore if the installation you are converting exceeds this limit, all assigned cards and transmitters will appear in the window for individual transmitters (or cards).

    Validation Group Assignments

    Access rights (e.g., validation groups) are assigned differently in this new version. Namely, validation group assignments are made to an entire cardholder set as opposed to individual cardholders. Therefore if one, or more, cardholders in a set need different access rights you will need to create a separate cardholder set so you can associate different validation groups with these exceptions.

    NOTE: AccessBase 2000 assigns two permanent cardholder sets named All Access and No Access. You may add up to 61 additional cardholder sets. If the installation you are converting exceeds this limit, only the first 61 sets will appear in the new installation.

PDF: TB2009-006