dmc1 monaural speaker wiring

MikeLaurel | August 22, 2006
Technical Bulletins

dmc1 monaural speaker wiringThere is an error in the DMC1 Finish-out Instructions regarding the wiring of monaural satellite speakers. Figure 4 in the instructions has incorrect CAT-5 wire color call outs.

Refer to the figure below for details on correctly connecting the CAT-5 cable from the DMC1 master to the Model MVC1 Monaural Volume Control and a 45-ohm ceiling intercom speaker.

To prevent a ground loop,it is important to only connect one end of the speaker cable’s shield (drain) wire.The shield wire must be connected to the CAT-5 brown and blue-white wires as well as to the red wire from the volume control.

PDF: TB2006-006