dmc1CD not recognized by dmc1 or dmc3-4 master unit

MikeLaurel | August 17, 2006
Technical Bulletins

dmc1CD not recognized by dmc1 or dmc3-4 master unitThe Model DMC1CD Add-on 6-disc CD Changer is an accessory for the Model DMC1 or DMC3-4 Music/Communication System master units.

If the CD unit is powered up before the master unit and before the data cable is connected, the master unit may not recognize the addition of the add-on CD changer. When the master is in this condition, and CD source is selected, the CD track indicator will not be displayed (see Figure 1).This condition can also occur in rare cases after a local power outage or brownout.

To clear this condition, reset the master unit by disconnecting AC power from the entire system for 10 seconds, then re-apply power.

To prevent this condition in new installations, complete all connections before applying AC power to the system using the dedicated circuit breaker! This will prevent the CD changer from being powered up before the master unit.

Alternately, with power applied, and all the cables connected, the master unit can be reset, and the system can be re-initialized. Note: This will completely erase all settings in the master unit (clock, station presets, volume and tone settings). With the master unit powered up, use a paper clip or other small object to press the hidden reset button (see Figure 2 or 3).

To verify that the master unit has recognized the add-on CD changer, follow these steps:

  1. Press the POWER button on the master unit to apply power.
  2. Press the SOURCE button until the CD source indicator lights on the master’s display.
  3. Verify that the round CD track indicator is lit. The indicator is located on the lower right corner of the master’s display (see Figure 4).
  4. With a CD loaded in the cartridge, the CD should begin to play.

PDF: TB2006-002