New LINMODEM initialization string for Account Manager

MikeLaurel | August 11, 2006
Technical Bulletins

New LINMODEM initialization string for Account ManagerThe Model LINMODEM add-on modem used with some of Linear’s access control systems has been upgraded to a new version.

This second version contains a new modem board. The new modem board appears quite different from the previous version modem board.

To identify the LINMODEM version, see the modem board details in the pictures of the two versions below.

A different modem initialization string is required when using Account Manager software with this second version of the LINMODEM.

The new initialization string is: ATH0E0&D0S37=9F8&Q6L3

This new initialization string can be used in all installations. It is compatible with the first version of the LINMODEM, and with AccessBase software.

PDF: TB2006-003