Mute Connection for the Encore System

MikeLaurel | November 20, 2009
Technical Bulletins

Mute Connection for the Encore SystemThis document provides basic instructions for connecting an existing Linear DMC-10 Intercom System to a Linear Encore Audio Distribution System to enable the doorbell and intercom interrupt function. This function will momentarily mute all audio being distributed throughout the Encore System when a doorbell is activated or while an intercom is being operated. Audio distribution will resume following the doorbell or activation of the intercom.

Please Note: The DMC-10AWP does not have to be located at a wall location. You can also utilize a DMC-10AWP located inside the structure wiring cabinet.


  1. Prepare a cable with an RJ-45 connector on one end and a 3.5 mm mono mini-plug on the other end. Connect RJ-45 pin 3 (white/orange wire if T-568A) to tip of mini-plug. Connect RJ-45 pin 4 (blue wire if T-568A) to ring (ground) of mini-plug. The distance between the DMC-10AWP and the ENC-HUB determines the required length of cable.
  2. Plug RJ-45 into ENC-HUB HUBNET IN or HUBNET OUT. This will mute the ENCORE system when there is activity on the DMC-10 intercom.

PDF: TB2009-005