PB-2015-10-01: Change to Polished Brass Kwikset Lever Lockset

MikeLaurel | October 1, 2015
Technical Bulletins

Nortek Security & Control Announces Change to Part Numbers for Z-Wave Polished Brass Kwikset Lever Electronic Lockset

Effective immediately, Kwikset has made a change to the Polished Brass Lever-style Z-Wave Lock. The LEDO-style handle SKU (99120-004) has been discontinued and is being replaced by the Tustin- style handle SKU (99120-026).

The Tustin-style handle is the same that is found on both the Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze SKUs. The price for the new SKU will remain the same. Orders for 99120-004 (LEDO style) will be converted to 99120-026 (Tustin style).

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