PERS-4200 Firmware & RA4200 Remote Access Upgrade Options

PERS-4200 Firmware & RA4200 Remote Access Upgrade OptionsLinear’s PERS-4200 Personal Emergency Reporting System Console operates using firmware stored in its memory. The Console uses one firmware application to for Console operation, and a second firmware application for the Console vocabulary.

The Console can be upgraded with new firmware releases when they become available. Upgrading the firmware is optional, but is usually recommended to keep the Console current.

The RA4200 Remote Access Application also has newer versions that are released periodically to support new features or newer releases of the Console firmware.

Latest Firmware Versions

The latest firmware versions at the time of this bulletin are:

• PERS-4200 Console Firmware

Version 2.4.2

• PERS-4200 Console English/Spanish Vocabulary Firmware

Version 2.4.2

• PERS-4200 Console French/English Vocabulary Firmware

Version 2.4.2

• RA4200 Remote Access Application


Earlier versions of the RA4200 Application will need to be upgraded to Version to be compatible with Console firmware Version 2.4.2

The latest version of the RA4200 Application is backwards compatible and will function with all versions of the PERS-4200 firmware.

PDF: TB2014-004