PERS-4200 Receiver Compatibility

PERS-4200 Receiver CompatibilitySummary

PERS-4200 consoles shipped before March, 2013 may not correctly learn-in, and decode certain types of DXS transmissions from close range. This can cause Dealers and Installers to see a higher reject rate on those transmitters, and creates an administrative burden to get RPAs (replacement product authorizations).

Transmitter/Receiver systems not affected

If a Linear DXS transmitter OF ANY TYPE has been successfully learned-in at less than 10 feet, and tested as recommended in the product manual provided in the kit, it will function properly and is not affected.

DXS-LRC, LRP and LRW transmitters are 100% compatible with SW Version: 2, and will function properly whether they were learned-in, or had their transmitter ID remotely enrolled using RA-4200.

Transmitter/Receiver systems POTENTIALLY affected

Some of the following DXS sensors may be coded with transmitter IDs that cannot be decoded, and will not learn-in to a PERS-4200 console with Radio SW Version: 2 at a range of less than 10 feet.

  • DXS-31DoorWindowTransmitter
  • DXS-65 Wall Mounted Emergency Transmitter
  • DXS-62A Emergency Pendant
  • DXS-64 Emergency Pendant
  • DXS-73 Smoke Detector
  • DXS-80 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector
  • DXS-54 PIR Motion Detector

When this occurs during the learn-in process, the sensors should not be deployed for use in a system with PERS-4200 receivers with SW Version: 2.

Additional Installation Notes

The following situations, (not normally encountered during a typical installation) should be considered for the affected PERS-4200 receivers.

If the Dealer or Installer learned in any of the listed transmitters at a range of MORE than 10 feet, then they should be tested to confirm operation at close range to the console.

Similarly, if the Dealer or Installer used the remote enrolling feature with any of the listed sensors, they should be tested to confirm operation at close range to the console.

PDF: TB2013-001