PERS-4200 Supervisory Reporting

MikeLaurel | June 11, 2013
Technical Bulletins

PERS-4200 Supervisory ReportingSummary

PERS-4200 Consoles shipped before March 8, 2013 may issue supervisory reports, indicating Zone 00 for Console (receiver board) trouble under certain conditions – even though the receiver is operational.

If this occurs on product deployed in the field, power cycling the unit (turning it off, then on) will normally correct the problem.

  1. Unplug the Console from the wall outlet.
  2. Hold the POWER OFF button located on the bottom of the console for at least 5 seconds.
  3. A tone will sound, then the unit will announce: “Console Power Off”
  4. Plug the AC power adapter back into the wall outlet.
  5. The Console will power back up

Additional Installation Notes

After learning in a new transmitter into a PERS-4200 console, Firmware versions prior to 2.2.1 (shipped in 2012, and early 2013) may issue supervisory reports. As indicated above, power cycling the unit will normally correct the problem.

Firmware version 2.2.1 released on 3/8/13, and all subsequent releases of PERS4200 firmware are not subject to this condition.

See the table of Event Descriptions provided in Appendix A, Page 34 of the Installation & Programming manual (P/N 231003).

PDF: TB2013-003