Personalized Upgrade Packages Made Easy

MikeLaurel | April 30, 2020
Builders Program

With so many options available to personalize your home experience, we have compiled our most popular packages below for your convenience. These optional packages make it easy for you to add value for homebuyers depending on their needs.

Peace of Mind2GIG Peace of Mind
This package adds automated door locks, a wireless garage door opener and camera. When a visitor arrives, see and talk to them from the phone, choose to let them in either the front door or the garage, and turn the light on so they can leave a delivery if needed  – all while viewing on your camera from the comfort of your home.

Security & SafetySecurity & Safety
This package adds a compatible security system. Now, see who is at the door, then disarm the security system, open the door and turn on lights. Activate lights and turn off the HVAC system when the fire alarm is triggered, and more.

Music Everywhere
This package adds eight in-ceiling speakers (four stereo zones) and a multi-room audio controller. Play favorite streaming stations across four independently controlled stereo zones. Hear the door chime through speakers, even initiate a page from your phone into a single room or the entire house – from either your home or remotely.

Movie TimeMovie Time
This package adds a 5.1 surround system with in-ceiling speakers, subwoofer, and AV Receiver. Delivers one-button control and high-performance audio to the TV experience, plus enhanced sound in the primary media space. Listen to the TV on all speakers throughout the home.

There are so many ways to personalize your home, start with the package that speaks to your lifestyle. Whether it’s the Peace of Mind, Security/Safety, Music Everywhere, or Movie Time, we have a solution for you.