Introducing the Vario Product Line

Introducing the Vario Hybrid Line of Products


Today’s new home buyers are looking for technology in their homes now more than ever. Vario is designed to offer modern security allowing homes to be wired to keep costs down, but also includes wireless features for flexibility. Our products scale to fit any size home and offer connectivity with most home automation solutions.

Home Owners:

We understand your home is more than just a house. Vario designs its systems to keep you protected from intruders and informed of life safety dangers such as fire and carbon monoxide. All home systems come personalized to fit your wallet and desired level of security.

System Upgrades:

Are you embarrassed by the look of the security system that was there when you moved in, or are you tired of hassles tied to systems that don’t work well for you? Vario connects to the existing wiring in your home, updating your system to the latest technologies. Vario can also add wireless sensors to cover new areas that need protection.

Luxury Homes:

Vario offers solutions perfect for larger homes. Our products offer the expandability, the installation flexibility, and compatibility needed to fit the most opulent lifestyles.


Not only can Vario cover any size commercial building, our systems are compatible with most pre-existing access control systems. Vario is designed to fit any size business and offers connectivity with most building automation solutions.


Keeping your facility safe is a must have for warehouses and industrial buildings. Vario offers options to economically protect any size building from intruders and other dangers.


Vario systems let you worry about sales instead of security. We offer expandable options that fit anything from mom-and-pop shops to national retail giants.


Schools, churches, and other charitable organizations require adaptable security systems. Vario products allow for the creation of multiple security areas with separate settings; this makes multi-layered accessibility a breeze. All of these can be controlled by a single, economical security panel.

With Vario you can worry about things other than security.

We offer multiple keypad styles, a variety of zone and output expanders, two options for power supply supplies, two-way voice compatibility, two wireless receiver options, and your choice of tamper-protected enclosures.

Vario fulfills the security system needs for eight specific security markets:

  • builders
  • luxury
  • standard home installs
  • system take-overs
  • retail
  • non-profit
  • industrial
  • and commercial.

Vario offers upgrades and coverage expansion for existing systems.

Vario provides three significant advantages:


FlexibilityVario security systems allow you to buy only what you need to get the job done. The equipment and offered services provide you proper coverage at the right price. Many of our expansion modules and accessories offer the right specifications to fit any system design. Our systems allow you to set up multiple security areas, with different settings, off one panel. Therefore, whether you need to protect family or inventory, Vario can adapt to get it done. In our modern and ever-changing world, security should never be rigid.


ScalabilityWhether you joined the tiny home craze, live in a McMansion, or operate a commercial business that spans a tri-state area, Vario systems are perfect for you. The addition of multiple wireless sensors can expand typical consumer systems far beyond their normal parameters and allow coverage of a wide variety of homes. For large industrial or commercial customers, Vario allows separate sites to be joined together in one secure network.


compatibilityWe operate within the confines of your existing solutions. We want to be your door to worry- free security. Specifically engineered to fit into your existing solutions, most Vario systems work with current automation and access control systems, with connectivity via multiple media types. Therefore, even if you’re happy with a current security service you have, we can still help improve your service. Compatible security should never be a headache.

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