USB-Serial: USB to Serial Converter

USB to serial convertor on a single gang electrical plate. Color white. Converts either or both RS-232 or RS-485 for use with Max3, MiniMax3, Hub Max II, Hub MiniMax II and prox.pad plus. Includes converter, USB cable, wire harness for serial connection. Powered by PC USB port.

Intended for use with the Max 3 and prox.pad plus products, the USB-Serial adapter is now offered in a unique single-gang wall plate design. This new design makes communication to our software managed products simple and clean. All wiring is contained within the wall and a single wire from the back of the PC is connected to the attractive single-gang plate.


  • Converts either RS232 and/or RS485 to USB
  • For use with Max 3, HubMax II and prox.pad plus access systems
  • Order number: 0-295097

Installation Manual