eM5000R2Pack: eMerge5000 2-Door 2-Reader Access Control Platform Bundle

Able to handle a broad range of security management functions, including live monitoring, photo ID, elevator control, threat levels, video management, alarm panel interface, data interchange, regional anti-passback, LDAP authentication, roll call reporting, and visitor management now bundled with two 2-N-1 Reader HAF readers. Installations of the eMerge Integrated Security Platform range in size from small, stand-alone facilities to distributed enterprises of remote sites.

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eMerge 5000 Integrated Security Platform Features:

Video Management System

The eMerge Video Management System offers high-end video handling capabilities with live and stored video playback in a small, scalable package. The system playback analog cameras with DVR’s and IP cameras all simultaneously. All devices are network connected, and can be accessed with a common web browser. Because it runs on eMerge, no PC server is required.

Live Monitoring Bundle

Includes monitoring desktop, floor plans, alarm acknowledgement, and photo pop-up.


Enables users to easily capture images and add text to create personalized custom cards or access credentials such as proximity, barcode and magstripe cards. Since Photo-ID is integrated with eMerge, a single database exists that captures all information from the access system, including access definitions and photos.

API – Data Interchange

The eMerge API capability is an open platform with readily available API’s and data security built into the communications architecture. eMerge API manages it’s transactions through a web service that communicates using XML data packets with embedded authentication codes. The data migration tool allows import of personnel data from other systems requiring no additional programming. (Also available with eMerge 50)

Temperature Monitoring

eMerge integrates dynamic temperature monitoring using the floor plan within “Monitoring Desktop” via interactive icons. Alarm triggers are set to indicate areas that are outside determined acceptable temperature levels. The user can choose to set the unit up to provide results in either a Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. Historical results are provided in a report or can be displayed graphically over a customizable time period.

Real-time Monitoring 

Monitoring Desktop, available with the Integrated Security Platform of eMerge, allows real-time monitoring of critical system functions, including interactive floorplan, live event log, event acknowledgment, video monitoring, user image verification and control of doors.

Temperature Monitoring 

eMerge integrates dynamic temperature monitoring. Historical results are displayed graphically.

Live Video Monitoring 

The Integrated Security Platform of eMerge allows real-time video to be viewed, Cameras can be viewed individually, in quad views or picture-in-picture format. Cameras at different locations can easily be managed by the system and combined for viewing on a single screen. Camera pan, tilt, and zoom can also be controlled through the user interface.

Threat Level Management 

System parameters and business rules can be quickly changed with one click using Threat Level Management, a feature in the Integrated Security Platform. A change in the threat level results in a change in the behavior of the security system, including portal unlock behavior, alarm event actions, function of access levels, control of doors and access privileges. A system administrator can configure threat levels, define behavioral changes based on the threat level, and set the current threat level. Threat levels are also changeable in response to alarm events.

A wide array of eMerge add-on software licenses for live monitoring, video management, badge printing and other system peripherals and supplies are available. Linear also offers eMerge professional services for assisting system design and deployment. Call Linear Customer Service or contact an authorized eMerge dealer for specific information, part numbers, and order numbers.

Order Number: 230220PACK