2171-4: Single-head IR Emitter (4-pack)

2171-4: Single-head IR Emitter (4-pack)

The Model 2171-4 Single-head Infrared (IR) Emitters are supplied in a package of four and are used with the Model ENC-HUB Audio Distribution System, ENC-SIWP source input or ENC-LIWP local input wall plates. These generic emitters can also be used with Linear’s video hubs, 2100A and 2010 in-wall interface, or with a 5500 series IR enabled modulator connected to a video hub.

Each emitter contains a tiny infrared LED housed in a miniature, black appearing, injection molded plastic shell. The emitters have adhesive backing for mounting. An emitter can be installed directly on the IR sensor window of the controlled source component or in a suitable nearby location.

An IR emitter repeats IR remote control signals received at a room station keypad or IR target from a handheld IR remote control. When an IR signal is detected at a target, the signal is sent to the IR OUT jacks on the wall plates or device. An IR emitter connected to the IR OUT jack, repeats the same IR signal to the source component. This allows IR remote control of source components that are located away from the IR target.


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