557LS: Signature Series Flush-mount Audio Glass Break Detector (Discontinued)

The 557LS employ state-of-art Advanced Signature Analysis TM (ASA) algorithms to sample frequency bands instead of one or two like other detectors. DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is used to continuously sample and analyze sound. Approximately 1200 comparisons and decisions are made before an event is rejected or confirmed approximately 0.3 seconds later.


  • Specified for plate, wired, laminated & tempered glass
  • Size and Distance: Minimum glass size: 1’ x 1’ up to 25 ft. for plate, wired and tempered (Reduce ranges by 1/2″ for 6″ x 10″ glass panes)
  • Signature supervision
  • No sensitivity adjustment
  • Omni-directional sensitivity
  • Indoor use only
  • UL Listed


  • Alarm relay: SPDT Form C contact
  • Operating voltage: 10.5-16 VDC
  • Current draw: 66 mA maximum
  • Temperature tolerance: 14F to 120F
  • Tamper circuit: Normally closed contact 50 mA @ 24 VDC
  • Dimensions: 4-1/2″ W x 2-3/4″ H x 2-1/4″ D
  • Uses Model 517 tester
  • Order number: 0-557000

Installation Manual