7440: Color Chip Camera (Black Case) (Discontinued)

The Model 7440 Color Chip Camera (Black Case) provides significant performance in a small package. The camera’s high-resolution, low lux 1/3″ CCD element provides clear images even in low light conditions. The built-in automatic iris control ensures an optimal picture on bright, sunny days without “blooming” or “washouts”. The fixed focal-length lens has a horizontal viewing angle of 120° with no “fish eye” distortion.

The camera is housed in a miniature, weather-tight, die-cast aluminum enclosure that is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions. The adjustable mounting bracket allows the camera to be rotated 360° and pivot 90° to enable viewing in virtually any position. A locking screw on the mounting bracket secures the camera after the viewing angle is adjusted. The mounting bracket attaches to the mounting surface with the three screws provided.

The Model 7440 camera can be enclosed in the Model 7441B or 7441W Camera Mounting Kit. The Model 7440 camera is designed to function with any video monitor, the Model 3015 and 3025 video distribution systems, or any of the 5400 or 5500 series modulators.


  • Black housing
  • Color picture
  • Composite video output, no audio
  • 120° horizontal viewing angle
  • .5 lux minimum illumination
  • Automatic white balance
  • NTSC format
  • 1.25″ W x 1.25″ H x 1.5″ D (without stand)

Installation Manual