D-8C: 8-Channel Receiver

D-8C: 8-Channel Receiver

The Model D-8C 8-Channel Receiver is designed for use in security systems and remote switching functions requiring more than one wireless zone or output. Using one multi-channel receiver instead of several single-channel receivers enables the installer to cut installation costs and improve system performance by eliminating RF interference problems present in multiple-receiver installations.

The Model D-8C is compatible with standard digital transmitters only.

The outputs of the D-8C receiver are solid state transistors. The receiver outputs for each channel are normally open and switch to ground when activated. The maximum current each output can switch to ground is 40 mA at 32 VDC.


Encoding Technique: Pulse width A-1 modulation at 250 bits/sec; four correct 8-bit words required to operate the output
RF Carrier Frequency: 303.875 MHz
Current Consumption: 10 mA standby
40 mA operating
Operating Temperature: 32° to 140° F (0° to 60°)
Antenna: Wire lead (supplied)
Dimensions: 4.9″ W x 4.2″ H x 1.3″ D (125 x 107 x 33 mm)
Models compatible with the D-8C
Model Description
D-21A Normally Open Wall-mount Transmitter
D-22A 1-Channel, 1-Button Handheld Transmitter
D-22B 2-Channel, 2-Button Handheld Transmitter
D-22C 2-Channel, 2-Button Independent Code Transmitter
D-22D 2-Channel, 2-Button Lockout Transmitter
D-23R Bill Trap Transmitter
D-24A Normally Closed Wall-mount Transmitter
D-4B 4-Channel, 4-Button Handheld Transmitter
ET-1B Emergency Transmitter
ET-2-12 Miniature Transmitter
ET-2-19 Miniature Transmitter

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