DMC-10RS: Intercom Room Station

DMC-10RS: Intercom Room Station

The Model DMC-10RS Intercom Room Stations showcase a new, contemporary design, crafted to blend smoothly into the installation’s decor. Faceplates are available in a variety of colors to further customize each installation. Room station keypads are illuminated with soft blue indicators while the intercom is in use.

The heart of the system is the Model DMC-10H Structured Wire Intercom Hub. The system hub grid mounts in a structured wiring enclosure (not included, OpenHouse H312KIT recommended). Up to eight room, door, and patio stations in any combination can be connected to the system hub using up to 500 feet of standard Cat-5 cable for each station. For larger installations, a second system hub can be added for expansion, providing a total system capacity of up to 16 stations. The Model DMC-10AWP Audio Input Wall Plate can be added to the system to connect an external audio source for distribution throughout the intercom system.

Each room and patio station supports several useful features. Privacy mute disables the station’s microphone to prevent monitoring from other stations. The do-not-disturb feature disables the station’s microphone and speaker to prevent monitoring and interruption. Hands-free reply lets the person called respond without having to press any room station keys.

The room, patio, and door stations mount inside standard 2-gang junction boxes and are easy to install and wire. Each station and the system hub contains color-coded Type 110 punch-down terminal blocks for fast and reliable connection to Cat-5 cable.

For exterior stations, use the Model DMC-10PS Patio Station and the Model DMC-10DS Door Station.

The alternate color and replacement faceplates models available for the Model DMC-10RS Room Station are:

Almond – Model DMC-10RFA-4 Room Station Faceplates (4-pack)
Black – Model DMC-10RFB-4 Room Station Faceplates (4-pack)
White – Model DMC-10RFW-4> Room Station Faceplates (4-pack)


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