eMerge50: eMerge50 2-Door Access Control Platform Bundle (Discontinued)

The entry-level system that is easy to use and easy to install. It contains all the powerful advantages of the eMerge platform, but in a smaller user configuration and without the advanced monitoring and video management bundles and other high-level features. It can be easily upgraded to grow with clients needs with no change in hardware.

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eMerge 50 Access Control Platform Features:

The Integrated Security Platform contains the highlighted features below plus all the features and benefits of the Access Control Platform.

Alarm Panel Interface

eMerge can integrate with your burglar alarm panel to arm or disarm the burglar system when authorized access has been granted to your facility. You can program eMerge to automatically arm your burglar system if the facility has been left unsecured for a predetermined amount of time. You can also remotely arm or disarm the burglar system through eMerge.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Back-Up

eMerge can create database backups each night to be stored in ROM onboard the network controller and written to Network Attached Storage. The system administrator also has the ability to create database backups at any time as well as to download to off board storage at any time. A restore of the database from a backup can be made from a backup copy on the network controller. It is therefore possible to upload a copy of a database backup from any Network Attached Storage. eMerge allows system administrators to review backups by date and description as well as to select the desired backup for upload to the network controller or restoration of the current database.

e-mail and Short Message Service (SMS)

eMerge supports the use of e-mail notifications of alarm events. Once the system administrator sets up the e-mail server IP address or DNS name and the e-mail address of the network controller, specified users can be notified of any alarm activity. It is also possible to enter a name and a description in the system for each alarm event.Interactive Reports

An easy to use query language makes the creation of ad hoc reports simple and easy. Users can produce a variety of predefined reports regarding software and security hardware configuration, event history, and the administration of people within the system. Report generation does not affect the real-time operation of the system.

Remote Service

The network architecture and browser interface of eMerge allows users to easily configure and service the system from in the building, across town, or across the country, using any computer with a web browser. Remote service is now a reality, permitting your service technician to troubleshoot a system without needing to travel onsite to the installation.

User Record

Easy and complete management of all system users is accomplished from one screen including access levels, card assignments, photo ID, personal information and password protected access.

Visual System Map

eMerge’s system components are automatically identified and graphically displayed for easy reference and fast troubleshooting.

Access Control

The primary purpose of eMerge is to provide access control. All standard access control parameters are easily created and managed in a single view. System administrators can make access control decisions, define a variety of access levels and time specifications, write system activity into a log file, maintain a personnel enrollment database, receive signals from input devices such as door switch monitors, card readers and motion detectors, energize devices such as door locks and alarms via outputs, and provide on-screen monitoring features.

Interactive Reports

The Access Control Platform of eMerge includes many predefined reports, along with an easy-to-use interface for generating custom reports. The proprietary English-based freeform report language makes the retrieval of specific information easy for inexperienced users. Other reports are even easier to specify, and many require no typing at all. Emerge 5000 offers a custom report writer.

Easy Network Set-Up

IT managers are comfortable with eMerge because it is designed to work in their environment. A few pieces of information are all that are needed to put eMerge into action. Network node reports display all nodes in the system with IP addresses and UID (unique ID).

A wide array of eMerge add-on software licenses for live monitoring, video management, badge printing and other system peripherals and supplies are available. Call Linear Customer Service or contact an authorized eMerge dealer for specific information, part numbers, and order numbers.

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