H881: 8-Way Amplified Modulator Combiner Hub (Discontinued)

The Model H881 Amplified Modulator Combiner Hub has inputs for eight modulators for distribution through a Model H838BID or Model H838HHR Video Hub. The Model H881 functions like a zero-loss signal combiner. The modulated signals from the eight inputs are combined into a single output with about 1 dB of gain. The Model H881 increases the number of modulated channels that can be inserted by the video hub.

NOTE: The Model H881 does not pass IR remote control signals back to the modulators.


  • Modulator inputs from eight locations
  • Combines all channels into single output
  • Accepts modulated inputs from 400-800 MHz
  • Expansion hub for H838 Series
  • Five enclosure grid spaces
  • 6.25″ x 3.25″ x 2.25″

Installation Manual