HS938x: Large Series Camera Housing Accessories (Discontinued)

HS9385, HS9386 Datasheet
HS9385 Installation 
HS9386 Installation
HS9385SS Sunshield Installation
HS9386SS Sunshield Installation
Tamper Kit Installation
PG Conversion Kit

The Large Series Camera Housing (HS938x) accessories include sun shield and glass kit for HS9385 and HS9386 series housings.

Sunshield: provides protection from the direct rays of sun and promotes cooling to reduce internal housing temperatures. Strongly recommended for housings to be used outdoors.

HS9386, HS9385 Large Series Accessories 
HS9385GK Glass kit for HS9385 & HS9386 series housings
HS9386SS Sunshield for 12.5-inch HS9386 series housings
HS9385SS Sunshield for 20-inch HS9385 series housings