MDS-PCK: 6×12 Patch Cord Kit (Discontinued)

The Model MDS-PCK 6×12 Patch Cord Kit includes six stereo audio breakout cables and six dual-input IR emitters.The kit allows connection of six audio sources to two MDS-6A amplifiers. The two MDS-6A amplifiers can create up to 12 independent speaker zones that distribute audio from the six sources. The six dual-input IR emitters route IR remote control signals to each of the six audio source components.

NOTE: The whole-house-music and system on/off commands issued from a speaker zone control keypad will only effect the MDS-6A unit that the keypad is connected to.


  • Connect up to six audio sources to two MDS-6A amplifiers for twelve zone distribution
  • Supports stereo (left & right) audio signals
  • IR remote control of audio source components from both MDS-6A amplifiers
  • Color coded

Installation Manual