MT92XX, PM3T: Light Duty Camera Housing Mounts (Discontinued)

MT9210 Datasheet
MT92xx Standard Installation
MT9215 Feed-thru Mount Installation
MT9213 Pole Adapter Installation
Parapet Datasheet
Parapet Installation

Aigis offers a variety of mounting options for housing installations with up to a 20 lb (9 kg) rated load. These models are made of lightweight aluminum and feature welded construction, providing an extremely rigid camera mount. In addition, the versatile swivel head rotates 360° and tilts 180° for maximum flexibility. The feed-through versions have a center opening to allow wiring to pass inside the mount shaft hidden from view. Using these products to mount a housing specifically designed for bottom feed-through wiring, such as the HS948x series, creates a clean, wire-free look.

The MT9230 Parapet mount is designed to extend a camera more than 3 feet beyond a parapet wall. The MT9230 Parapet Mount accommodates products designed for standard 1-1/2 inch NPT pipe thread. The mount can be fitted on the inside or outside of parapet walls and can be swiveled 360° for easy set up and servicing. Also available is the MT9230RA Roof Mount which enables the parapet to be mounted on a flat surface.


  • Wall and ceiling versions
  • Sturdy construction
  • 360° rotation, 180° tilt
  • Feed-through models available
  • Adjustable mount heads
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
Light Duty Camera Housing Mounts 
MT9219 Ceiling “J” mount, feed-through, 12-inch
MT9223 Column mount, 24-inch
MT9210 Column mount, 8-inch
MT9217 Column mount, feed-through, 8-inch
MT9218 Corner mount adapter for housing mounts
MT9230 Parapet camera housing mount
MT9230RA Roof Mount adapter for MT9230, Aluminum
PM3T Stainless steel strapping tool for use w/MT9213 & MT9225