SC1CH36-B: Sign Camera (Discontinued)


The Aigis Sign Camera is designed to discretely capture facial images of patrons while displaying a sign or label. Overhead CCTV cameras can be rendered ineffective if the subject wears a cap or hood. The Sign Camera can be installed at table height and angled upward to capture facial images that were missed by other cameras.

The Sign Camera includes an adjustable mounting bracket that can be securely mounted and adjusted through 100°. The unit can be configured to mount to any countertop, wall or ceiling. Once installed, the camera can be turned left or right up to 12° off center for fine-tuning adjustments. The 3.6mm wide angle lens provides a wide field of view. The unit operates on 12VDC and consumes a total of 1.1 Watts.


  • Sized to display 3″ x 7″ signs and labels
  • Built in Color Hi-Res CCTV Camera
  • 540TVL 1/3″ Sony Imager
  • Fixed 3.6mm Wide Angle Lens
  • DC 12V @ 92mA
  • Securely mounts to any surface
  • Adjustable camera angle; 24° total
  • Countertop, wall, or ceiling mounting
SC1CH36-B Sign Camera 
SC1CH36-B Sign camera, 12VDC, 3.6mm lens, adjustable mounting bracket, black