SVS-88: True 8×8 Audio/Video Matrix Switcher (Discontinued)

The SVS-88 True 8×8 Audio/Video Matrix Switcher is a crosspoint switching matrix. It allows eight audio/video inputs to be switched to any of the eight audio/video outputs with virtually no switching loss. The matrix is controlled via front pushbuttons, easy to use IR remote control, or through an RS-232 interface. The SVS-88 provides broadcast quality switching of S-video (or composite video with an external adapter) and audio (coaxial Dolby 5.1 digital or analog left and right stereo). The SVS-88 provides maximum flexibility for both home and commercial applications allowing fewer peripheral components to provide consistently high quality audio and video throughout the installation.

By combining SVS-88 with the Model SVC-10, outputs can be converted to transmit audio and video on Cat-5 cable up to 1,000 feet away to a Model SVC-10R receiver. IR remote control signals will be passed back up the same Cat-5 cabling from the remote location to control the SVS-88.


  • Audio/Video matrix switcher
  • Any eight audio/video inputs switched to any eight audio/video outputs
  • All video connections are S-video type (composite video can be used with an external adapter)
  • Stereo audio analog and coax Dolby® 5.1 digital inputs and outputs
  • Linear or logarithmic volume control for each output
  • Simple text based commands for PC control
  • Compatible with Crestron®, Elan®, AMX® and other home control systems
  • RS-232 and RS-485 interface
  • Switches PAL, SECAM, NTSC
  • Front panel controls with pushbuttons and 7-segment displays
  • IR control with built-in command set
  • Set-top or rack mount
  • International power supply

Suggested Uses

  • Home theaters, whole-house video systems, sports bars, stadiums, casinos, schools
  • Any place that needs quality video to multiple locations
  • Send remotely controlled, switched audio and video up to 2,000 feet using SVC-10, SVD-8, and SVC-10R components

Installation Manual