XR-D: Data Only Mid-range Receiver (Discontinued)

The Model XR-D Data Only Mid-range Receiver is designed for use in various wireless remote control applications. The Model XR-D serial data output receiver is used for specialty O.E.M. data acquisition and processing systems. When the Model XR-D receiver detects a signal from its companion transmitter(s), it will output 9600 baud ASCII serial data through its RS-232 style interface in real-time (no buffering) as the transmitted data is received.

The XR-D receiver’s serial data output contains all of the information that can be sent from any type of Linear’s Xtended Range transmitters. In a typical installation, the receiver’s output terminals would be connected to a computer through a user supplied custom made cable. The computer would run user supplied software written to suit the needs of the application. It could display and log the transmitted unit number, channel number, bank number, alarm state, battery condition, status reports, and transmitter type. Alternately, the XR-D could be connected directly to a line printer for specialty or diagnostic purposes.

Power for the XR-D receiver can come from an external regulated 12 VDC power supply (Linear Model T-124DC) or from a 12-volt battery. A diode protects the unit from reverse power polarity. The XR-D draws about 30 mA current.

Two antennas (sold separately) are available for the XR-D. The Model ANT-1A is an 8-inch rubber duck antenna for short range applications (less than 1 mile). The ANT-1A requires a CON-180A (straight) connector to mate the antenna to the transmitter. For a right angle antenna, use the CON-180A plus the CON-90A.The Model ANT-2 is a 3-foot whip antenna for use in long range or difficult installations where more range from the XR-D is required. A common 9-foot 1/4 wave CB whip antenna can also be used with the XR-D for maximum range.

The receiver is housed in a rugged weather-resistant metal enclosure with a sturdy SO-239 antenna connector and a water-tight wiring strain relief bushing. Two indicators are visible through a window on the case. The green power indicator lights when the receiver has power. During reception, the red RF indicator lights. A two-position single-packet option jumper allows selection of one round of only new data for each transmission or all data sent for each transmission. Two internal test points are provided for signal strength and audio monitoring.

Data Specification: Baud Rate: 9600, Stop Bits: 1, Parity: None


  • Up to 10 miles of line-of-sight range (with XT-1 and XT-4)
  • Up to two miles of line-of-sight with handheld devices
  • Superheterodyne receiver technology
  • Over 64,000 codes
  • Weather-resistant case
  • Power On and RF activity indicators
  • RF frequency: 27.255 MHz
  • 4.25″ W x 6.25″ H x 2.5″ D
  • Order number: SSR00067

Installation Manual