PERS 4200x


PERS-4200XNumera PERS-4200X console combined with compatible PERS wearables and home sensors form the Numera Home Safety Hub.  This suite of products combines information from sensing devices like CO and smoke detectors, motion detectors, and window-door sensors with alerts from wearable personal emergency response devices in a single PERS (Personal Emergency Response Solution) console. This system is designed for seniors or others needing support while living alone.


The new Numera PERS 4200X console is a completely wireless personal security solution (via land line or cellular module). It features upgradeable firmware with configurable “night-time,” “do-not-disturb” and personalized activity windows. Other key features include a personal wearable transmitter range up to 1000 ft, two-way voice capability, variety of connections (telephone jack, USB port, proprietary connectors for modules), backup battery for 24 hrs and illuminated “help” button.

Our PERS line also includes PERS-4200 console. This console includes a full selection of wearable transmitters and accessories. In addition to the features in PERS-4200X, this console also features temperature sensor, reminder messages, and English-Spanish language options. Get the sell sheet here: PERS-4200.


The Numera Home Safety Hub, PERS-4200X console with 2GIG environmental sensors, provides a home safety ecosystem. The Hub delivers user and environmental data to a user’s family and care team. The Hub connects with 2GIG 345Mhz home safety sensors: fire and smoke, CO and a variety of activity sensors.

PERS4200XSensors wirelessly summon help in a case of an environmental emergency, even if you can’t press the button or call for help. Click here to access home sensor details on the 2GIG website.


Numera Home Safety Hub compatible wearables are designed for seniors aging-in-place. The attractive comfortable design encourages usage at all hours which promotes full-time use. All wearables are durable, shock and water resistant (IPx7) with a long lasting battery for greater dependability.

Fall Detection Pendant  (2GIG-F1-345 for PERS-4200X and DXS-F1 for PERS-4200 and 2400) is the latest in technology in the Numera line of Personal Emergency Wearables. Reliable strong transmission plus leading-edge fall detection technology promotes full-time use and around-the-clock protection. Get the brochure here: Fall Detection Pendant.

The Personal Help Button (2GIG-PHB1-345) Pendant-Wristband is ideal for night use. The Personal Help Button Pendant (2GIG-PHB2-345) has an aesthetically-pleasing design and comes with an adjustable break-away lanyard for comfort.

Order number: SSCoo101
Description: F/G PERS-4200x, PHB1