Dealer Packages

Incentives for Dealers

The more packages you install, the greater your rewards haul.

The Nortek Security & Control Builder Program is all about worthwhile packages for production home builders and their customers, out of which develop exceptional business opportunities for dealers such as yourself. Those opportunities are attractive unto themselves, but we’ve sweetened the pot with a special rewards program.

There is nothing extraordinary you have to do, except to respond to the fast-growing demand within your territory. The more products you install in new homes, the greater the credit you will accumulate toward the purchase of future Nortek Security & Control products.

You will receive DEALER BUCKS for installing each of the following Builder Program packages:

Other advantages

One manufacturing source. The country’s top builders are looking for vendor consolidation as a way to reduce their costs. The Nortek Security & Control Builder Program gives it to them like few manufacturers’ programs can. By offering so many products, Nortek Security & Control gives builders greater control over an extensive number of standards, options, and upgrades for their communities. And we provide you with access to more business with more and more builders.

Quality products. Generous warranties. For over half a century, Nortek Security & Control has been a top manufacturer of home technology products. Much of our current product line is distinguished by performance innovation, superior quality, patent protection, and industry recognition. All of these exceptional products come backed by some of the industry’s most generous warranties. Builders and their home-buyers will appreciate products they can depend on. Dealers will be glad for a manufacturer that stands behind them.

Get in on all the growth. Get going with the Nortek Security & Control Builder Program.