Status Reporting for DXS-LR Series Transmitters

MikeLaurel | August 15, 2013
Technical Bulletins

Status Reporting for DXS-LR Series TransmittersSummary

The status reporting feature is described in the DXS-LR Series Operating Instructions which are shipped with each unit. Status reporting causes the transmitter to broadcast a status signal periodically (approx every 2 hours). The system can then make use of zone supervision, as described in the PERS Console Installation & Programming Instructions.

How is status reporting enabled?

  • For DXS-LR series transmitters built prior to August 2013, status reporting is permanently enabled by pressing the transmitter button five times in succession within 3 to 4 seconds.
  • For DXS-LR series transmitters built in August 2013 and later, status reporting is now permanently enabled the first time the transmitter is activated.

How is status reporting indicated?

The transmitter’s signal indicator lights and flashes green or red to display the unit’s status. It will indicate if status reporting is enabled or not and the condition of the battery.

PDF: TB2013-005