TB-2012-11-07: GSM Cell Radio Modem Network Failure

MikeLaurel | November 7, 2012
Technical Bulletins

TB-2012-11-07: GSM Cell Radio Modem Network FailureGSM Cell Radio Network Failure


UPDATE: Effective November 9, 2GIG initiated updating all affected GSM modules. Modules are being updated on a continuous basis and we now expect to have all affected GSM modules updated by November 19.

2GIG SKUs Affected:

2GIG-GSM2, T-Mobile GSM Module 2GIG-GSM4, Rogers GSM Module 2GIG-GSM6, AT&T GSM Module

2GIG has received some reports from the field of cell radio network failures and has been working to identify the root cause and resolution for these failures. They were originally believed to be caused by 2G cell towers being taken out of service. While this may be the case in some instances, further investigation has found that flash memory in one of the radio components used on 2GIG GSM cell modules has had latent field failures due to internal flash memory corruption. The supplier has determined the failure is caused by an excessive number of read cycles within their flash memory. The affected modules were produced between December 2011 and October 2012.

An immediate resolution will be applied to all GSM radio modules that are affected by this issue. These units will have an update applied by November 12 that reduces the number of read cycles to a normal level. The update will be applied when the radio communicates with and will not require action by dealers or end users. As an added precaution, an additional maintenance update will be applied within 90 days to check for and ensure there is no residual degradation. This update process will restore affected units to their original factory condition.

Failure Modes Observed:

  •   Radio Modem Network Failure message
  •   Failure appears immediately upon installation or up to several months after installation
  •   GSM and Radio Status button disappears from the Installer Toolbox screen after power cycling the panel
  •   Panel operates properly after installing a new module

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