TB-2014-03-27: Calibrating the Touch Screen on GC2 Panel

MikeLaurel | March 27, 2014
Technical Bulletins

TB-2014-03-27: Calibrating the Touch Screen on GC2 PanelCalibrating the Touch Screen on the Go!Control Panel


• 2GIG‐CP21‐345E • 2GIG‐CNTRL2‐345


Customers are experiencing issues with touch screen calibration, resulting in incorrect screen navigation on panel. This bulletin provides information to properly diagnose and resolve this issue.


    • Unable to program the panel after installation and/or entering an incorrect code.
    • Consistent problems disarming the system with the master code.
    • Unable to navigate to desired panel options (e.g., opens the wrong selection, results in an unexpected response, or produces no response).


  • Touch screen calibration was not properly executed.
  • User may be pressing with a flat finger, touching multiple spots on the screen.
  • User may have long fingernails, leading the screen to detect both the finger and the nail.CORRECTIVE ACTION

    Calibrate the touch screen to fine tune the system to improve its ability to detect input.

    Step 1: Test the Touch Screen

  1. Test the screen’s accuracy using your finger.
  2. Repeat the test using a pencil eraser or stylus.
  3. If the touch screen is experiencing an issue, continue with Step 2: Calibrate the Touch Screen.

Step 2: Calibrate the Touch Screen

  1. Ensure the control panel is powered ON. Then tap the Home
  2. On the control panel screen, tap Security.
  3. Tap Menu.
  4. Tap Toolbox.
  5. At the Enter Your Code page, enter the master code.
  6. At the Toolbox (1 of 3) screen, tap → to scroll to the Toolbox (2 of 3) screen. Then tap Calibrate Touch Screen.

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