V222 & V361 Central vacuum hose cuffs improved

MikeLaurel | July 16, 2007
Technical Bulletins

V222 & V361 Central vacuum hose cuffs improvedEffective August 2007, the AirVac Brand Models V222 and V361 Central Vacuum Hoses will start shipping with an improved vacuum port connection cuff.

Earlier models of the hoses required use of a Model VR008 Utility Inlet Port Adapter when connecting to some models of Linear’s AVP and AVR Series AirVac Central Vacuum Power Unit’s utility inlet port.

This adapter is not required for newer hoses when connecting the AVP and AVR series units.The new hoses are also compatible with all legacy AirVac power units.

The new V222 hose will also be included in new stock of the VMGAR Deluxe Garage/Car Tool Kits.

To identify the old and new hose cuffs, see the photos below.

PDF: TB2007-002